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Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, the tax appeal process may feel overwhelming. Our team is here to make it simple and seamless and has collectively handled thousands of appeals from individual homeowners to multi-family, commercial and industrial property landlords. We represent developers, professional property management companies, medical firms, financial firms and educational institutions, with one goal in mind, to solve your real estate concerns, reduce your real property assessments and lower your property taxes to their fair tax value.


Property taxes have become a huge financial burden and it is imperative that property owners become aware of their rights and are enabled to take the appropriate steps to control expenses. Timing is critical in retaining your rights, don't delay and take decisive action, call to speak with a Tax Assessment Consultant today


Whether you find that your assessed value is considerably higher or simply does not seem in line with similar homes, we are here to help you figure out your rights. From informal negotiations to effective representation, we can help determine your value and assist in reducing your real estate property taxes


As a commercial property owner, you are, no doubt, keenly aware of the dramatic implications of Covid-19 and increased financial risks on the value of your commercial property. We can help dispute and appeal your commercial property taxes, determine the property value and provide information on applicable exemptions and abatements.


Leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we can help challenge your assessment and lower your tax value. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of real estate markets, understands property valuation techniques and constantly monitors market values and conditions to help successfully pursue an accurate assessment of your property.


Best Way to Achieve a Fair Result is To Hire a Skilled Lawyer

With a thorough and comprehensive approach to negotiation and litigation strategies, we tenaciously fight to achieve the best outcome possible and leave no stone unturned. Our firm limits its practice to property tax appeal cases and our leading team consists of individuals who together have handled thousands of property tax appeals in prior years, including counsel with long experience as a supervising municipal attorney and tax assessor, providing deep insight into the municipal view of tax appeal litigation and the timing and financing of settlement in large cases. Our attorneys and staff strongly believe that our clients come first, and our priority is to always achieve the best possible result. With more than 30 years of combined experience in litigating Property Tax Appeals, we are committed to providing a standard of excellence for the success of our clients.

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Our team is here for you and equipped with the know how to successfully handle your case. Don't miss your chance to challenge the assessment of your property's assessed value and reduce tax liability. Timing is critical, call for your FREE EVALUATION today. We handle most cases on a contingent fee, which means there are no legal fees unless we obtain a successful reduction.

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